Alliance Procurement and Supply is a service that will save you time and money. We will do the run around for you and source all that you may require.

This is a unique service that will make a huge difference in your purchases. Your organisation will be able to procure all the required quality material resources under one roof at a very good price.

This service will not only save you money and time but it will also reduce the workload of consolidating invoices from different suppliers.

The following is a list of services and products you can get from us:


  • A4 Printing paper 100g (500 sheets per ream)
  • A4 Printing paper 80g (500 sheets per ream)
  • Envelopes, small, medium and Large all self-sealing
  • A4 Plastic punched poly pockets
  • Black pens (plain and personalised)
  • Designed Letter heads


  • Tunic male/ female all sizes (with your company logo and colour)
  • Unisex fleeces (with your company logo and colour)
  • Office Staff shirts (male & female with your logo)
  • T-shirts with collar (your colour, size and logo)


  • Disposable plastic Aprons rolls (Blue or white)
  • Disposable plastic Aprons flat pack (Blue or White)
  • Premium soft vinyl Gloves powder free, natural (Large, Small & Medium)
  • Vinyl powder free gloves, clear (Large, Medium & Small)


  • Red – 9 Part organiser file A4
  • Blue – 9 Part organiser file A4
  • Yellow – 9 Part organiser file A4 (all colours
  • A4 Large 70mm Lever Arch Files (all colours
  • A4 Essentials 50mm Lever Arch Files (all colours)
  • Q-Connect A4 project Folder (Blue, White, Black & Clear)